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Do the Humpty Dance

It's hump day!  This morning, as I opened my garage to leave for work,  it would only open half way.  I closed it and tried again.  Same result.  Then I noticed something was stuck to the outside of the garage door...

To be honest, my first thought was that someone put a boot on my garage.  I don't know why my mind works in these ways, it just does.  I realize, now that I've had some breakfast, that "they" don't put boots on garages, high heels look so much nicer.  :o)

What the?

Somehow the garbage can had got caught on the garage door handle and gone for a little ride.  It took me a good five minutes to remove the it (opening and closing, and running around to the front door and then trying to lift - those things are HEAVY!)  I just know that this little "incident" is going to set the tone for the rest of the day.

In other news.  I went hot tubing last night and I'm pleased to report that the chlorine took off about 1/2 of the spray paint from my feet.  Another week or so, and it should be completely gone!

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