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I feel like a Door-matte

And it is not too shabby! 

It's been awhile since I posted anything about makeup or beauty products.  This does not mean that I am not still a make-up and beauty product JUNKIE this just means that BFF Willy Billy told me to mix up the posts a bit.  Plus, I grounded myself from buying any new makeups for 6 months (until June).  It got to a point, where I realized I had a problem, and had zero space to store all of my treasures.

However, I have been still purchasing skin care products.  I have been in a crazy-random battle with my skin since just after Thanksgiving.  My skin declared war, worse than it ever did in high school, and in a desperate effort to avoid doing a round of Accutane, I stopped using everything I was using, and went back to the basics that have worked for me for years: Dermalogica products.

I need to take a second and give praise to Dermalogica's Welcome Matte from the new Clean Start line for teenagers.  I first tried this product when it was sent to me as a sample enclosed in a purchase from my supplier (no, not that kind of supplier, although, if the stuff helps with cancer, maybe it can clear up acne?).  From the first moment I tried it, I was SOLD!

It's no secret that I have oily skin.  Not combination skin, not combination/oily skin, just plain oily!  One time I went to the Cliniqué counter to buy some toner.  "I'll have the #4 toner please."  I said.  She replied, "Level 4?  Are you sure?  That is really hard on skin, and you can't possibly be that oily, would you like to try #3?"  To which I assured her, "No thank you, I need the #4."

Throughout the years, I have tried oil-free lotions, matte makeup- liquid and mineral, super expensive designer mattifiers, and all combinations of them.  However, usually by lunchtime everyday, I have to whip out the oil blotting sheets and re-apply my powder and blush, which is tragically lost in the morning's battles.  Welcome Matte is a daily lotion, SPF 15 and mattifier in one.  While it controls oil, it doesn't dry out my skin, and the SPF doesn't clog my pores, and because it is Dermalogica, it actually helps clear up all of my problem spots!  The best part?  I don't usually see any traces of shine until about 12 hours after I put it on! 

If oily skin is an issue, grab this stuff.  I'm really really REALLY in l♥ve with it.

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  1. hi! i just started blogging, but i was flipping thru yours and read about this random war that started with your skin. Funny thing, same happened to me around this past Thanksgiving as well. I started taking pre-natal vitamins, which helps skin and hair, and that really helped. The Dr. recommended I take 2-4 instead of what an actual pregnant lady would take (6-8). Also, have you ever been on Etsy? If not you are in for a treat, but I found this amazing boutique on there called Spoiled Rotten. Check it out, her masks are miracle workers, so it the 'Cotton' lotion, it lasts forever, isn't super expensive and smells amazing.


  2. What a coincidence! I'd never heard of Dermalogica before last night when I attended a Banana Republic even and Dermalogica was giving out product samples. I'm excited to try mine.

  3. @Kenna
    Kenna- I tried pre-natal vitimans for about a month, because I heard they made hair grow faster. They didn't, nor did they work on my skin...

  4. @From Suns To Moons
    Ooo! I love free samples! I hope you like them!


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