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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | April 22, 2011

1. Mood:  It's Friday!  Need I say more?!?  I've been in a bit of a slump lately and I can't seem to force myself to do anything that doesn't involve relaxing activities in the sunshine.  I have got a bad case of Spring Fever, and work and school aren't helping any.  Luckily, due to "Staff Appreciation Week" next week, our office is closing super early today!  Basically we're having a half day, but getting paid for all day!  I'm so excited to get an early jump on the weekend and doing nothing, outside.

2. Food you’re craving *right now*?  I want a red Popsicle.  I'm not hungry because I ate a big breakfast, but I want something sweet.  I think a popsicle right now would be such a treat!

3. Favorite eye cream and why?  I actually haven't tried a lot of eye creams.  I currently use, and have since high school, one from L'oreal.  It has caffeine in it so my puffy bags go away, I've also noticed it helps with dark circles, AND lastly, I don't have any "crow's feet" or other eye wrinkles yet.  But I'm not sure if that's due to the eye cream or good genes...

4. Ballet flats – yea or nay?  Sometimes.  I prefer heels because I feel like flats make me look "stumpy," but after a few days, my tootsies need some TLC so I opt for flats.  It also depends on who I'm hanging out with and what I'm doing.  I don't ever want to be the only person in high heels, or vice versa.

5. Which of your makeup brushes do you use least often?  I have a whole drawer of brushes that I never use.  In all honesty, I only use about 6 on a regular basis.

6. Is it better to be overdressed or under dressed?  I'd rather be overdressed.  At least I could use the excuse, "Oh, I have an Academy Awards after party to attend right after this."  I went to a wedding once and I felt awful because I was coming from work and had work pants on *gasp.*  When I got there, mostly everyone was in jeans, and one person was even in sweat pants and a hoodie.  I was relieved and shocked!  I realized it was a wedding, not a fashion show, and I'm sure the bride & groom would rather their guests show up as is than not at all, but still.  Would it kill ya to throw on a dress/slacks?

7. Would you rather spend your Friday night alone or with others?  It depends on the week I've had.  I usually like to play social butterfly, but the past few weeks, I've been home alone doing movie marathons on the couch.  Sometimes a little quality time with Number 1 is a good thing.

8. What colors would I see if I looked in your closet?  No colors.  Most of my clothes arent' in my closet, they're on my floor.  But really, I have a little bit of every color except red.  I hate red (but look good in it).  I purposely try to not buy a lot of just one color.  I like to mix it up.  However, because I mostly wear neutrals I think maybe I should just buy those and not waste my money on stuff I don't wear. *light bulb*

9. Can you ride a bike while wearing a dress?  Bad idea.  I did this once.  I was just learning to ride a two wheeler and I was wearing a maxi-dress.  OK, it wasn't a maxi dress, it was my mom's old silk nightgown that I used as a "Princess" dress up because went all the way past my toes.  I was on the bike, just getting the hang of it when all of a sudden, the end of the dress got caught in the bike chain.  Needless to say, there was an accident, and I had to find a new nightgown to play "Princess" in.

10. Weekly goals:  I have so much to do!  I need to start studying for my final exams, read this book I bought (more on this in a few weeks), fertilize and aerate my lawn, build a raised garden bed, give myself a pedicure,  get a haircut, find time in my schedule for 2 family portrait sessions, 2 children's portrait sessions, 1 engagement session, and 1 boudoir session all before June, and as always, clean my room.  Golly gee!

Hola amigos!  Lately, I've spending every free second outside, usually until after dark.  This weekend includes more outside-ness.  I've got a lot of yard work to do, and I'm building my raised garden bed for my vegetables (they're getting SO big!)...  Maybe I'll post some before and after pics.  I'm determined to make my backyard a "retreat," so that I can take full advantage of warm summer nights!  Any fun plans for your weekend?  Let me know!

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1. Mood:
2. Food you’re craving *right now*?
3. Favorite eye cream and why?
4. Ballet flats – yea or nay?
5. Which of your makeup brushes do you use least often?
6. What’s favorite eyeliner and why?
7. Would you rather spend your Friday night alone or with others?
8. What colors would I see if I looked in your closet?
9. Can you ride a bike while wearing a dress?
10. Weekly goals:

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