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Color Me Mine

Last night was date night!  We went to Color Me Mine to embark on a ceramics adventure!  I never took Home Economics in school, and I've never painted a day in my life - finger paints excluded.  But let me just say, it was a hoot!

I never knew that doing a "craft project" could be so relaxing!  I've always done crafts in the past, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting.  But I usually am making something as a gift, and am up against a deadline so it ends up being more stressful than needs be.

The girls at the shop were overly friendly (mostly to my hot side kick, they didn't pay much attention to me), good music played all night, and in between small bits of conversation I found myself loving every minute.

I chose to paint a mug, mostly out of practicality.  I will use a mug frequently.  I will not use a bobble head baseball player figurine.  All of the colors look pastel for now, but once it's been glazed and fired in the kiln, my true "artistic" abilities will shine through.

I painted a little city skyline with a multicolored banner that obviously reads, "Live Laugh Love."

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  1. cute :) I've always wanted to go there, but Sean won't go with me. he says he doesn't want to pay to make something that will be an eyesore. geez!! ha ha So I am DEFINITELY taking my kiddos when they are old enough to enjoy it :)

  2. @Kirsten
    He should take you! They have "boy stuff" for him to paint, but it is pricey. I was surprised, $8 per person and then the cost of the "figurines." My mug I have seen (painted already of course) at CVS and Target in a myriad of designs for $2-$5. It cost $20 at this place. That's almost $30 to paint a cup. So it's not an activity to do all the time...

  3. Fun! Imtook the boy I nanny tom color me mine last summer and it was such a fun relaxing time! I've been wanting to take my boyfriend out ever since.

    I bought that same mug to paint and loved how it turned out, but sadly I knocked it over not long after I brought it home and it split perfectly down the middle. Imguess that's a good reason to go back and get another one! :)

  4. @Caroline
    I totally think you should take your boyfriend and go make another mug! Fun!


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