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The Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge +

Is everyone sick of hearing about Kate & Wills' wedding yet?  Good, I'm not either!  I couldn't quite make the 4am start time last night, but luckily, when I woke up this morning, E! was playing a rerun of the complete coverage.  By the time I got out of the shower, the countdown was at 20 minutes to Ceremony.  I was able to watch all of the Royal Family arrive at Westminster Abbey, and the Entire Ceremony.  It was wonderful (even though I missed the kiss(es) to avoid being late for work)!

I just love Kate and William.  The past generations of Royals have always felt a bit formal, cold, and stiff, but I think this younger generation is much more fun, charitable, warm and modern.  The more I hear about the couple, the more I like them.  Plus, they're both so good-looking, it's really hard not to like them.  And doesn't Kate just seem like the sweetest girl?  I think we would be friends in real life...

As a make-up fanatic, I love that Kate chose to do her own make-up, so as not to be "fussy."  She looked absolutely beautiful didn't she?  *Sigh*  I always cry at weddings, and actually got a little teary while watching the excitement on her face as she walked towards her Prince.

For those wondering "Why the Royal Wedding is such a big deal?"  I must answer by saying, A. because it's a wedding, and B. They're Royals!  Duh.  For those requiring a more in depth answer, I googled it for you.  Just click the photo to be taken to search results. 

For everyone else, I have to tell you my favorite parts of the wedding.

1.  When Kate was walking down that football field of an isle, I didn't realize that the Prince's backs were to her.  Prince Harry turned to look back at her and then he said something to Prince William. 

I have been dying to know what he said.  Some who knew Harry's personality speculated it was something like "Your Bird's Fit," which in British lingo translates to "Kate's hot."  But in all actuality, he told his big bro, "Wait 'til you see her!"  Precious.

2.  My second favorite part was when William couldn't get the ring on Kate's finger.  So cute.  I'm glad to know that every wedding can't be perfect, even if it does come thisclose.

3.  When Prince Charles married Diana, right before their first kiss, he leaned over and asked the Queen's permission to kiss his bride.  William asked Kate for her permission to kiss her in public.

4.  Kate's hands were shaking so bad as she made the four minute walk down the isle.  Her dad was rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb to calm her.  Most people didn't even notice.

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