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Spring Fever

Today marks the first official day of Spring!  We made it through the dreary winter and can now say goodbye to sweaters for a few months.  Here, we've been feeling Spring for a while - the weather has been in the high 80's to mid 90's for over two weeks, and I am getting full use out of all of my spring skirts! 

The outfit I wore today is quite simple, navy blue t-shirt and a white eyelet skirt, but  it is probably one of my most favorite outfits.  I really like navy blue... and white... and neutral colors in general.  I took a lot of flack for it at work.  The co-workers who see me as a "little sister" and always have fun nicknames to give me based on what I wear that day sure had a lot to say about this one.  "Little House on the Prairie," "Fraulein Maria," they said I "stole Batman's utility belt, now who's going to save Gotham?" and they commented that I do in fact work in an office, not a meadow full of flowers.  All I have to say is, "Whatever, I look awesome."  That seems to be my defense response to everything, "I'm awesome."

Apart from my crazy-bad-allergies (snotty nose and itchy red eyes), I've caught another kind of Spring Fever:  Not-interested-in-heat-appliances-fever.  It's bad.  Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is done everyday, blown out, rolled in hot rollers and teased.  Lately though, it's just been too hot.  I'd rather not take a shower, only to sweat off the cleanliness whilst getting ready.  So, I basically stopped doing my hair, except for a quick brush in the morning to get rid of the natural curls/waves/frizz and then tease it.  Tada! Done.  It's been looking pretty good too- and instead of being late for work everyday, I've been arriving early and picking up some overtime!  Who knew?

Lastly, I believe the most severe symptom of my Spring Fever is extreme girlishness.  Because of all this skirt wearing, I can't help it.  I curtsy at any given opportunity.  I curtsy at everyone at work and  when I went to the Home Depot the other day I actually curtsied at a stranger when they said, "Hi!"  Ladies, I think we need to bring back the curtsy, is there anything cuter?

Also, I find myself twirling a lot more than usual.  I love to twirl, and lucky for me, it goes hand in hand with skirts.  I read in a magazine this weekend that when Kate Hudson was little she would try on a skirt and twirl.  If her underwear didn't show then she wouldn't buy the skirt.  That's how you know you've found a good skirt, if it shows your underwear.

Hooray for Spring!
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  1. Your hair looks totally fabulous even without all the fixing! And the simple skirt + tee combo is the best for spring...you look adorable and comfy and girly all at the same time!

  2. @elizabethashleyphoto
    Well thank you! It's not as big as I like it to be, but not dealing with it in the mornings is so worth it!


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