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I have bad news.  My future hubby, Henry Cavill, is going to be in another new movie. 

Why is this bad news?  Because this movie sounds like it has the potential to be BIG.  Appearing alongside Superman (oh did I mention he is the new Superman?)  on the list of 2011 Potential Blockbusters, this 3-D "Greek Mythology Epic" is rumored to be filmed in the same style as 2006's 300, but with the budget of 2010's Clash of the Titans.

Acting alongside the gorgeous Brit are Mickey Rourke as evil King Hyperion, and Kellen Lutz as Greek God of the sea, Poseidon.

Henry's The character of Tarseus is pegged as a cross between Caravaggio (I'd never heard of this and had to look it up) and "Fight Club" which sounds pretty BAMF {source: http://teaser-trailer.com/2010/05/immortals-movie.html}.  Originally, the director thought Henry was a little chubby for this role... uhh excuse me.... Chubby?

Yeah... he had to cut weight and tone up so he looks like this.....

I think he's TOO skinny, I prefer men with a little meat on their bones, and like Henry's look in the Tudors.  Think bronze Greek statue... but real!  He was juicy, that's for sure!

After glancing at some message boards, it seems as if Director Tarsem Singh is pretty BAMF as well.  I'm not familiar with a lot of his work, I saw The Cell, and actually liked it; but thought his acclaimed work "The Fall" was just "OK."  Apparently he is an "underground" "art house" type of director, and fans of his are actually worried at how mainstream he will become because of this movie.

This film has almost three times the budget of 300, but is shot in the same style style; using green screen effects mixed with "on location" scenery so it should look really good.

Although filming for this movie began in April of 2010, there isn't much information about it, but I'm excited to find out more.  It won't hit theaters until 11/11/11 (neat).Unfortunately, if it is as AMAZING as fans are predicting, that means between Superman and this movie, Henry might jump to main stream celebrity.  {Now I'll never get a shot at a date!}

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