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Last night the bros and I decided to hang out and watch a movie.  I don't remember what we were watching, and I guess it doesn't matter, because I'm the only one that was watching the TV anyway.  You see, my brothers each share a blood supply with their laptop computers, when we watch a movie, they all sit on the couch with their computers on their laps and surf the Internet.  Kinda defeats the purpose of "watching" a movie right?

Anyway, Griff was looking at a website that sells T-shirts with "mostly inappropriate" sayings on them.  After telling us about a few that were HILLARIOUS, he read one that said, "Fire Nancy Pelosi."


Not that a few unnamed family members of mine wouldn't love for that T-shirt to be a reality, I just think it got to the point where no one was listening...
Then, Griff chimed in again, "Get it? Fire.  They spelled it F-I-R-E."

Colby quickly replied, "Uhh, yea, that's how you spell fire, dummy."

Thank goodness for the Clark County public education system.

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