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I'm so so so sad...  I feel like I'm constantly getting taken advantage of this week!  First, there were two separate counts of identity theft, and now this...

I was catching up on reading some blogs I enjoy and one of them led me to a blog post entitled, "How to Spot a Fake Benefit Coralista Blush."  So I read it.  I purchased Coralista from the exact same makeup website listed int he article (along with Benefit's 4 other blushes).  I like Thrrrob (it's probably my favorite blush), Dandelion is alright, Georgia (Peach) is a little light for me, but I like it, and Dallas is a nice bronzer.  However, Coralista is like one of the top-five-must-have-blushes-in-your-collection, and I just could never figure out what all the hype was about. 

Everyone says that a REAL Coralista is a beautiful coral-y, pink that smells "divine."  Mine looks like a coral-y orange, and smells like hand soap.  Anyway after reading this article, I discovered that my Coralista AND ALL 4 OF THE OTHERS are fakes!!!  The flaws are all pretty well concealed, but there were 2 major give-a-ways on each box!

My FAKE Coralista:
1. The back label of the real one says, "Sweep this coral pink powder onto cheek bones... bikini optional! (avoid eye area)."  On my FAKE blush there is no space between the "..." and the word "bikini."

2.  The ingredient label doesn't peel up to reveal ingredients in other languages, in fact the label doesn't peel, period, without ripping the box. 

Sad Face :o(

The flaws from the other 4 blushes, again, are well concealed but all have issue #2 listed above, and on each of them the benefit.com website text is not bold, it's just normal text.

If you have these products and didn't purchase them directly from the Benefit website, or a reputable distributor (Ulta or Sephora, etc.) you may want to check that you didn't get duped too.  Oh, and read this article, How to Spot a Fake Benefit Coralista, just to be sure.

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  1. After I read this, I went and grabbed my Coralista and checked! (although I got it at Macys ha ha) It's ok, it's real :) Sad that you haven't gotten to enjoy it, though! It's my favorite blush to wear, even though I'm getting more into Dallas right now. I usually mix the two to give a nice sunny glow. ANd i never really paid attention to the smell til you said yours smelled bad...it really does smell good :) ha ha


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