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Saturday Shopping

I do not get our weather...  Two days ago it was too hot to even look outside (109), and today it's a little chilly (75) and pouring rain...    Weird.

Anyway, this morning I decided to wake up early, and head over to Old Navy.  Shopping on Saturday is not my idea of fun, there are way too many people aimlessly walking around, and way to many crying kids.  But, today Old Navy was having a $2.00 tank top sale!  Seriously?  I was so excited.  I'm not a big fan of tank tops, but a while back I saw two particular styles that I had to have to wear underneath my ever-growing collection of cardigans.  I planned on buying one in every color {and only spending $26.00}.

I arrived just as the store opened, and there were already close to 500 people in side {no joke, I'm sure they were at Fire capacity}.  They had the store sectioned off in such a way that I couldn't cut through the middle to get to where I needed to go, so I had to walk in a line of slow-moving people, around the whole perimeter of the store, all the while searching for my two tanks.  I felt like I was directly in the middle of a heard of cattle, in my head, I practiced moo-ing.  After 2 complete circles, I didn't' see my tanks and decided to ask a sales person for help.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, these two styles were not part of the $2.00 sale, so they had been pulled from the floor the previous evening so as to avoid any confusion and conflict with shoppers.  LAME.  I left empty handed, and craving a hamburger.

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