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I was always more of an "Alan" girl myself


I'm not what you would call a "Toy Story" fan. However, I will be seeing this movie because of one character... Ken. Growing up I was more of a Midge/Alan girl rather than a Barbie/Ken girl. Seriously, Wedding Midge was probably my favorite "Barbie" of all time, and I owned close to 100 "Barbies." She had pretty red hair, and long bangs! I also loved how her wedding dress turned into a cute "reception suit." Plus her hubby Alan was gorgeous, second only to whiskery-Shaving-Fun-Ken (we know I love whiskers).

I had the whole wedding set! ♥ ♥ ♥

A beard, and "real" hair... Hawt.

Anyway, I'm off track.  Toy Story 3 has sucked me in with the new Ken doll character.  I stumbled across these videos, and was cracking up.  Hopefully he becomes a major character in the movie and makes it worth seeing.

I love the dancing!

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  1. LOL you know Michael Keaton does the voice of Ken, I am looking forward to seeing this with my son


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