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Temporarily Out of Order

Week 2 of anti-text is complete.  Recently, I "temporarily cancelled" texting on my cell phone.  I wanted to see #1 If I am actually dependent on texting and #2 If I could go without it for a month.

It just seems like with the advent of social networking sites and the advances in technology, no one bothers "talking" anymore.  Being social has become so anti-social.

I thought it would be difficult giving my thumbs a break, but the last two weeks have been fine.  It has been SO NICE to actually speak to human beings when I need to communicate. 

The only downer is that I'm tired of explaining to people, "No, I didn't get your text." Or, "No, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just trying a little experiment for a month or two."  I'm not entirely text less, however.  I do receive e-mails directly on my cell phone, so if the need for voice-less-communication should arise one can always e-mail.  

Could you go 1-2 months without texting?

Happy Humpday!

How's your week going?

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  1. My week is going ok. I could go for a long time without texting. I don't have a cell phone anyway!!! LOL


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