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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | June 21
Happy Father's Day!

1. Mood:  Grrrrreat!  Today I feel just like Tony the Tiger!  I'm looking forward to a day of doing nothing.  And because it's Father's Day, we're having a big dinner at my Grandparent's house {my daddy-o is still in Germany}.  My Grandpa is like a second father to us.  Growing up, my dad was in Pharmacy school for a while and then went straight into working 12 hour days to pay off those student loans.  My grandpa was the one who taught us things like how to camp, how to successfully swing from monkey bars, and how to swim.  I have always been a "grandpa's girl" so it will be nice to spend some time together.

2. Breakfast:  This morning I had a carton of blackberries and a banana.  I've been on a fruit and veggie kick lately.  It's been SO HOT here that I can't hardly stand to eat anything heavier than a popsicle, plus most fruits are in season so they're inexpensive!

3. Fragrance: The Body Shop's Satsuma lotion.  YUUUMMM.  This is one of my favorite summer smells.  It's super citrus-y but not overkill. 

4. Eye makeup:  Lavender and apricot eyeshadows from a few different brands.  L'Oreal Linuer Intense liquid liner, Lancome Hypnose Mascara.

5. Momentary makeup issue:  Finding a great concelear for undereye circles, that isn't cakey.  I have really bad "Saturn rings" due to my insomnia, and nothing is working to cover them.  I've gotten a few suggestions {Hourglass $32, TheBalm Time Balm $18, Benefit Powderflage $28}, but everything is very pricey so I'll have to save up to get them.  Anyone have any suggestions?

6. Eyebrow status: HOT MESS.  I ran out of muslin paper, and haven't been able to wax them, PLUS my manicure scissors {I use to trim them} broke.  They are scary right now, think George Whipple...

7. Last movie I watched: I watched When In Rome yesterday.  I really thought this would be cute, Josh Duhmel is easy on the eyes, and whats-her-face was cute in that Sarah Marshall movie... Nope, it was not good.  My brothers all said it was "cute" and I believed them.  But they also liked Made of Honor which I thought was too predictable.  A guy's taste in a "good chick flick" is very different than a chick's taste in a "good chick flick."

8. Latest makeup or beauty find:  I stumbled upon a blog the other day called Style Your Life, and fell in love.  This lady has great taste, and I decided that if I ever hire a personal styist, she'd be like 3rd on the list of people I consider.  Check out her site, she loves J Crew {my fave} and Old Navy and Forever 21.  Awesomeness.

9. Shoe crush:  Still loving summer sandals, I can't get enough.

10. Goals for the week:  Study, study, study.  And try to get my identity back.

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone is pumped up to face another week!  I know I am, not really but I'm trying to psyche myself out.  I have to call the IRS tomorrow and, if their office is anything like the Social Security office, I'm planning on being on hold for a very long time.  After putting alerts on my credit report and checking my accounts, etc., I called the SS office to see how I could get my SS# taken from the lame-o person who is using it down in Texas.  It took me 15 tries before I actually got a ring and not a busy signal, and then I was on hold for close to 3 hours!  When I finally got to speak to a human being she said this:

"Well as long as they are paying taxes you don't have anything to worry about..."

To which I replied, "Well, I know for a fact they are not paying taxes, and I am worrying because someone has my SS#!"

She didn't seem to think it was a big deal, and basically told me there's nothing I can do about it until the IRS comes to collecet tax money next year!

"Even though I'm calling now, in June, to get this taken care of?" I asked.


Does anyone else find it odd that no one is willing to help me?  This is a big deal, my financial feauture is at steak here.  This is why there is so much emphasis about "protecting" yourself from identity theft; because once it happens, there isn't a lot anyone can, or is willing to do to help.

Unless my phone call with the IRS fixes EVERYTHING, including getting my number taken from the person who is using it and having them thrown in jail for identity theft, I'm getting lawyers involved.  Anyway, enough venting.  Have a great week!

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  1. I know how you feel! I have really dark circles under my eyes too (waaay worse than yours). I absolutely LOVE thebalm time balm. I get in a lighter-than-i-would-think shade and i don't think it's cakey at all. It also lasts me FOREVER. Seriously. Lately i have been topping it with mark. Speedway from meetmark.com. This stuff is awesome. Super light and powdery feeling, but it goes on creamy and it's pretty cheap (like $7) and it lasts me about 2 months.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Morgan
    Thanks for your shout out :)
    How do I move up to #1;), haha

  3. my dad is a tax attorney, so I'll ask him if there is anything you can do about the identity theft thing. he might not have the answer, but if he doesn't, he probably knows someone who does. As for consealer issues, before I put on ANYTHING, i put a spoon in the freezer and then put it on my eyes. Seriously, works wonders! Then the only consealer I really liked was Aveda...but I haven't bought it in about a year, so that goes to show you how dedicated I am to it ha ha Good luck!


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