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What Not to Wear

BF got called into work yesterday and it turns out, they are changing his work schedule...  Normally he works a million hours Wed-Sun.  Normally, I have to wait until midnight or 1 am to go to bed,  I usually like to stay up until he's off so we can talk about our days or hang out before bedtime.  It is really hard on me because I get up everyday at 6 am for school, and I think that the hours I'm keeping contribute to my insomnia.  Well, as I said before, BF got his schedule changed, he now has Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday's off, he will be done everyday by 4pm, and he will still be pulling well over 40 hours a week!

{Cue Handel's Messiah}

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!

I was so excited that I made up a song and dance called "Hooray for Early Bedtimes!"

He started his new schedule started today, so after work he came over, and the sun was still up!  {Amazing}  After a few hours we got hungry.  After deciding that neither of us felt like cooking dinner {plus, we all know what an amazing culinary master I am}, we decided to hit up Roberto's for some Mexican food.  Lately, I CAN NOT get enough Mexican food.  I've had it 4 out 6 nights so far this week.  And this has been the case for the last month or so.

In the car on the way to Roberto's, I noticed his outfit.  No biggie, work clothes, but then I looked at his feet.  Black socks with white flip flops!  I begged him to take off the socks, but he refused, claiming that bare feet in shoes {even flip flops} was dis-gus-ting.  Once we were parked and walking into Roberto's he said, very loudly, "Oh and you think my outfit is bad?!?!  What is with your pants?!?!" 

I assured him there was nothing wrong with my sweatpants and t-shirt combo, and that I would leave it up to my blog readers to decide who's outfit was the most ridiculous...

Matching flip flops, we are that couple... So lame.

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  1. i only voted for your boy as being worse because i wear sweat pants or yoga pants with t-shirts ALL THE TIME and pink flip flops... So if your outfit is bad, my comfy clothes have all gone out the window ha ha although seriously, black socks and ANY flip flops...come on now.

  2. I HAVE to show you this when I saw it I laughed!!! I was looking at a LTD Commodities magazine and look what I found!!!!!


  3. Melissa- Bah ha ha!!! OH NO!!! We'll just keep that between us, and make sure BF doesn't see!


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