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Quadruple Your Makeup Collection for $3

Recently, Smashbox Cosmetics came out with a product called Smashbox Eye Illusion ($28.00 at Sephora, or Smashbox.com).  This eyeshadow trio consists of three very pale, shear colors- pink, blue and yellow.  After reading a review on it, I decided, "Ooo, I want one."

Then, all of a sudden, lightbulb!  I already have something similar.  Eyes Lips Face has a similar product in their Studio line called an Eye Transformer.  The $3.00 eye transformer has four colors- pink, green, blue, and yellow.  Upon first looks, this little ditty doesn't seem too impressive.  Sure, these eyeshadows could be worn alone, but the color payoff isn't that great.

E.L.F transformer colors on their own- green, yellow, pink, blue

What makes this product so amazing is that you can quite literally quadruple your eyeshadow collection, or just spice up a lackluster, or forgotten eyeshadow.  Just to demonstrate, below I swatched these shades over two of my most used eyeshadow singles Cover Girl's Champagne and Urban Decay's Roach. 

From left to right: Cover Girl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow Single in Champagne, green/Champagne, yellow/Champagne, pink/Champagne, and blue/Champagne.  The pearly white shadow is "transformed" into 4 completely different shimmery shades.

From left to right: Urban Decay's Roach Eyeshadow, green/Roach, yellow/Roach, pink/Roach,  blue/Roach.  This usually bronzy plum color is "transformed" into a mossy green, a gold, a coral, and a lavender blue! 

Not all color combinations are ideal, but hey, for three dollars, this is an excellent product to have in your makeup arsenal.
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  1. OMG So pretty! I love ELF, I know what to add me to my list of things to get!!!!


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