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The "Worst" Award goes to...

I think it has finally happened.  I think this is the year that I outgrew the MTV Movie Awards.  I was just really disappointed in the whole show, and so I figure, "maybe I'm just too old to be watching it."  Don't get me wrong, it was still entertaining, but I found myself criticizing more than complimenting.  Here's what I mean:

1.  Where was the Red Carpet?  Come to think of it, where was E! all together?  I personally don't think an award show should bother doing a red carpet event unless America's-Sweetheart-Ryan-Seacrest-and-E! are there to broadcast it {no matter what network is hosting}.  This year's "wanna-be-red-carpet" looked like it was filmed in someone's backyard.  And there were zero real celebrities, except 40-year-old-Lindsey-Lohan {if we can really consider her-hot-mess-ness a real celebrity}.  The Red Carpet fashion is one of the best elements to an award's show, and MTV, this year, you dropped the ball.

2. Was it just me, or was the entire show practically dedicated to the Jersey Shore people?  Yes, I admit, I did watch the show, but enough is enough.  I don't care what you're wearing.  I don't care to watch the awkward moments that occured when they interviewed celebrities {I'm pretty sure Katy Perry was dissing Snookie throughout their conversation, but Snickers didn't even seem to notice}.  I don't care how many people "The Situation" has hooked up with.  It was entertaining for a while, but now, the 15 minutes is up... Go Away.

3. Surprise, surprise.  Twilight won everything!  I guess I should have known- but really, they should have just called it the Twilight Awards.  I love Twilight (team Jacob!) as much as the next girl, but c'mon.  I guess part of this had to do with the fact that every other movie that was nominated for an award was older.  For example, didn't 17 Again come out in like 2008?  Hmmm.  PS Why is Kristen Stewart obsessed with touching her head (seriously, watch every movie and tv appearance shes ever made) and why was she so trying-to-act-like-her-and-R-Patz-don't-smootch-all-the-time? 

4.  The J-Lo dance number featuring Les Grossman... Classic.  Oh, speaking of... Did anyone catch this?

5. Where were all the real celebrities?  Oh yea, they were at the Laker game... lame  Obviously the game's tickets sold out and the consolation prize was a trip to the awards.  Poor Jessica Beil, I can see it now:

JT: there was only one Laker's ticket left, and I got it!  Let's flip a coin to see who gets to go. 
Jessica: I call heads!
JT:  (picks up the coin from the floor looking around suspiciously as he sneakily replies)  "Oh shoot babe, its tails..."

6.  There were no cute male celebrities this year, unless you count my brother's "man crush" The Rock. Wah wah wah.

7.  On a higher note, Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlet Johanson.  My brothers all screamed and cheered, you'd think they just won the lottery.

8.  I thought I'd finish with my picks for best dressed.  And the winners are:

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  1. OMG, I hated Eva's dress. It was like a bedazzled bedrock get-up. hahaha


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