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Wah Wah Wednesday

  I need summer school to be over.  I realize I have only 1 week left, but I'm officially burnt out.  Plus I don't want to study anymore for my midterm tomorrow.  Transposable elements, you'll be the death of me!

☆  I really don't like the post office.  I returned a package and the receiver is saying they haven't yet received it, so they charged me serious money for it.  Even with the tracking number, I am unable to located this package to prove I sent it.  My sales receipt and confirmation number is not good enough.  Grr.

  I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as well as contacted Texas Police's Fraud Department.  No one uses my SSN and gets away with it. No one!

☆  I cleaned today, a lot, my bedroom smells like Pledge.  Mmmm.

  My parents should have let me go to beauty school.  They told me I was too smart and needed a real college degree first, then I could do whatever I wanted.  I've been bugging BF for months (since January) to get a haircut, even offering to do it myself, lying about how I've cut lots of hair in the past.  He wouldn't have it, he thinks his lady-lovely-locks are awesome.  Finally he called me Friday, "It's hot as balls, will you cut my hair?"  I.AM.TRUELY.GIFTED.  Seriously.  All those times my brothers have come home from Supercuts with botched hair cuts, I can't, for the life of me, figure out why...

I'm not at all crazy about this 1/2 beard he has going on...

☆   The self tanner I applied the other day looks awesome, I love being tan.

☆   I love reading the scriptures.  I had a concern in the back of mind, and when I read today, without looking for a solution, my concern was addressed and I was inspired to know what I need to do.

 Oh, also; No, I haven't picked a winner for my Cruise Give Away yet.  Call me a slacker, but I haven't finished blogging about my cruise either.  Once I'm done telling all about it, I'll pick someone.  It should be soon, this box-o-goodies is just taking up space.

Well folks, we're half-way through another week!  Happy Humpday!  PS Enjoy the awesomness below!

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  1. first, i loved hair school (ok i kind of hated it near the end)--you should totally go just for fun. it rocks. second, why is your bf's hair dark and his beard red? and his haircut looks nice--good work! third, i heart newsies :)

  2. I will most likely end up going, eventually. I just love the beauty industry too much not to! It's crazy that my favorite place to go is the salon, it only makes sense that I would work in one.

  3. PS, yes he has a red beard, but brown hair. Not sure how that happened, but no, he doesn't dye it that way. People ask him all the time if he does it on purpose.

  4. You and Mr. Big are just the cutest! Good luck with the stole SSN thing. Some crazy lady stole mine when I was 20 and bought a 1995 dodge mini van (red) and rented an appartment all in the state of Kansas! Make sure you flag your credit with the 3 agencies just to be safe, the bad part about that is that you can never open a instant credit card at say the Gap for a quickie discount... the good thing is that you cannever open a instant credit card at say the Gap for a quickie discount... HAHA

  5. So cute, good job! Time to go with a darker foundation bb...


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