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Get Juicy!

It's no secret that I love makeup!  I know I've mentioned it a few times.  The only thing I love more is summer summer summertime !  This summer I have really been experimenting with color.  If I see a look on TV or in a magazine and think "I could never pull that off..."  I try it anyway, and you know what?  It usually looks great!  I've found that as long as I have the confidence to do something, it works.

This summer, one big makeup trend is BRIGHT lips.  Now, I have always been a fan of hot pink or fuchsia (I always spell that wrong... it just makes sense to spell it fuschia!)  lipsticks, but this summer is all about fruity colors.

In one of the gossip magazines I was pa-roozing lately, I came across this article called, "This Summer's Lips Get Juicy."  It says that the three hottest lips colors are Tangerine, Raspberry and Cherry. "OOO, Popsicle colors." I thought.

Along the side of the article is a sub-headline which says, "Find your perfect hue."  Apparently, tangerine looks best on bronzed complexions, Raspberry is "gorgeous" on fair skinned complexions, and cherry "flatters" every skin tone.  It even listed some examples of products.

While in CVS the other day, I noticed that Revlon's summer line contains lip glosses in all three hues (plus a peach and a lilac), so I purchased them: Coral Reef, Pink Pop, and Firecracker {mentioned in the article}!  The glosses look crazy in the tube, but are very forgiving and are about $7.00 each; but check next Sunday's paper for store deals and Revlon coupons.  {I believe next week, it will be time for CVS to have B1G1 free on Revlon products...}

Below I've taken pictures of all three glosses on my lips without a lipstick underneath.

Coral Reef:  This color has-to my surprise- become my new favorite lip color.  I've worn it almost everyday since I got it.  It's got enough color to make my lippies pop, but isn't so creamy that it looks orange.  I it.

Pink Pop:  I probably didn't need this one, heaven knows I have a million-gajillion pink lip glosses... I love it anyway.

Firecracker:  I was SO disappointed with this color.  I'm not one for red lips, but I thought I might be able to pull this off because it is so sheer.  It looks like a gorgeous, sheer, cherry red in the tube, but in real life it has a blood-like orangey tint- but even that didn't have great color payoff.  I tried it with my Benefit Posietint underneath, and it helped, but overall, I kind of want to return this one to the store.

Hot Tip:

When wearing bright lip color, go fairly light/neutral with your eye and cheek color. You want your lips to be the focus, and not look like clown.  Put your BRIGHT lip color on first, apply your blush, and then do your eye makeup.  With your lip color on first, you can gauge how little eye color you actually need. 

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